Alexander was born April 14, 1958 in the family of an engineer of the Navy, Captain I rank Gavrilovic Viktor Maslak, the author of scientific papers and books, which are still to be found in the libraries of technical colleges. It would seem that the further course of life foregone conclusion - to follow his father to devote his career to military affairs. Alexander's mother, Galina, graduated from Institute. AI Herzen majoring foreign philology, completely devoted to her family and the education of his son and, because of its influence - to read a book, a regular joint visits to theaters and museums quietly, gradually, the boy appeared strong interest in literature and art. And in the 12 years since it was a momentous event - was admitted to the Leningrad Secondary Art School.

My teachers: Vladimir Simonovic Pesikov Alexander Leonidovich Korolev, Andrey Myl'nikov and Alexei Sokolov

Alexander found himself in the heart, midst of historical and cultural artistic traditions of St. Petersburg, and even life itself in the old part of Vasilyevsky Island, with its atmosphere of past eras hovering above the avenues, streets and quiet courtyards gave rich material visual experiences and food for the imagination. As a result, Alexander sent his foot is not a military school as dreamed of his father, and became a student of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin, where he studied in the studio of monumental painting led by an eminent professor AA Myl'nikov, in whose work the determining principle was an appeal to the classical heritage, knowledge of which he generously shared with his students.

Landscape, theme works, rich fantasy images, inspired by the art of the old masters, and of course still life, get under a brush painter painting a kind of retrospective. In addition to the museum of the Hermitage collection, with which the artist was familiar since student days, in 90 years the master discovers the artistic Assembly of France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, countries where he had visited in a while. Meeting with the art of the Renaissance masters, the Baroque and the Rococo without the mediation of images and reproductions had a great influence on the further work.

The undisputed model for a still life A.Maslaka are works by Dutch masters of the 17th century. Afraid to make yourself an idol and practically renounced the religious painting, the artists of this small Protestant country, suddenly became the mistress of the world trade, and make Amsterdam abundant storehouse of luxury and exotic things found their idol in the objective world. Infinitely far between are the Netherlands of the 17th century and the Russian end of the 20th century, but there are some similarities - Russian artist after ideological austerity of the previous period, when the word "materialism" was brimming full of negative meaning suddenly found himself in this new revival of the situation in the public interest Besides the material, which makes the life of graceful, elegant, finally, a luxury. Stylistically close this desire to be illusory manner of the old masters, which was perceived organically A. Maslak and has become an integral manifestation of the soul of the individual building and the uniqueness of the artistic talent of the author.

Fifth Course. Workshop led by Professor A.A.Mylnikova. 1981

A.Maslak is far from the Dutch Christian symbols stillevens, yet each of his still life - semiotic system, the meaning of which becomes clear only in the context of cultural and historical space, such as in the canvas "Still life with a clock and a pitcher" (1998). Carved metal censer, porcelain pair of chocolate, bronze candlestick on the marble leg, pitcher stoneware, special grade ceramics, pearl necklace, glasses of wine and above all of the above "actors" are rampant whimsical bronze clock with a rhinoceros. For all the extravagance collected at a still life of things they do not look accidental company, on the contrary, complementary material, texture, color, shape.

Often, in addition to the structure of a still life of precious historical items Alexander Maslak includes replicas of the works of art they especially revered masters pereosmyslivayaznakomye picture in a new context. For example, "Still Life with Mirror" (1998), which in the ancient frame of the carved figure of a young psyche recreated flutist - a fragment of the famous Hermitage painting "musician" anonymous Dutch artist of the 16th century. The audience seems to decide what he sees - a real reflection of paintings, copies or reproductions hanging on the opposite wall, a fleeting illusory vision, to draw from the past a stack of battered musical scores, lying in front of a mirror.

A special thematic area among the still lifes Alexander Maslak occupy canvas depicting a house of cards, the plot is quite rare these days, but enjoyed great popularity in the genre painting of the XVIII century. in the paintings of Alexander Maslak is not a house of cards-dweller artlessly charming children's world, it is the hero of the other dimension, where there is illusory and deception, "Card Lady's House" (2009), the leitmotif of the deceitfulness of expectations is accompanied with the theme of temptation. Enticing sirens on a rocky cliff bearing the death of careless navigator, sitting on a fancy princess card pyramidal structure composed of different decks.

Initially, back in the 80s, the young artist A. Maslak became interested in the analytical art Pavel Filonov, an independent variant of expressionism, it is believed that the shape is made up of atoms and molecules and the task of painting - it pass. And although the first experiments on the development of the artistic principles of the great master were successful, the web "Riders" (1988) and "The man with the horse" (1988) proof of this, the concept, suggesting the image of the world in motion, and his form in the "organic growth "I was only a stage in the creative biography of Alexander Maslak with his calm and thoughtful poetic perception of reality.

Very characteristic for future artist is a painting "Embroideress" (2006), located at the junction of genres -lyubimogo still life and interior, created under the influence of one of the charming works of Russian art - "Reflections in the Mirror" attributed Grigory Soroka. As the picture Russian masters in Maslak Alexander used the same compositional device - a shallow area in front of the mirror is filled with drapery and small things, and behind them can be seen in the reflection room silver blink of daylight.

Creativity Alexander Maslak flesh phenomenon purely of Petersburg, nurtured in the "silence of libraries," in concert halls where the sound "shows severe motives", in reverent concentration of museum displays, among the streets and squares of the city-monument. His involvement in the culture and art of the past helped him on the one hand to acquire multi-vector and elegance expressive means and techniques, on the other hand look to find nesuetnoy. Advanced thin plastic perception of beauty as the nature of the world, and man-made environment, giving his works a romantic shade of poetic contemplation and spirituality.

Alexander actively exhibited both in Russia and abroad. His works are always in demand and interest of the viewer. I would like to mention another aspect of the creative activity of the artist - that's 35 years he taught at the Lyceum akademicheskomhudozhestvennom. B.V.Iogansona, former SHSH, which he completed in due time. Many of his students became famous artists and remembered his teacher with gratitude, because who knows how to see the beauty of the past - to learn to see it and in the present.

The text of the biography - Elena Mironova, an art historian, a member of the Russian Union of Artists

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