Lady's house of cards

Maps ladies from different decks on a blue background with red curtains.

60x50 sm
Academic garden

The building of the Academy of Arts and the battle workshop in winter.

116x114 sm
St. Nicholas Cathedral in winter

Winter landscape; view of the St. Nicholas Cathedral from the theater square

50x70 sm
Tulips in the South of France

Impressions of a trip to Marseille and the surrounding area

45x65 sm

Alexander was born April 14, 1958 in the family of Captain 1 rank of the Navy, Victor Gavrilovich and his wife Galina Grigoryevna


Antique tableware and antique buffet.

55x65 sm
The Queen of Spades

Still-life-blend on the theme of the Queen of Spades

60x50 sm
Sunny day

View of the bathhouse on the banks of the Volkhov River in the old Ladoga.

50x60 sm
Still Life with a Flute

Still life with musical instruments in the style of blende.

60x80 sm

The house of cards, on the wall hangs a copy of the painting De Latoura "Shuler".

60x60 sm
Still life with crab

50x70 sm
Egyptian figurine

Still life with Egyptian attributes.

40x50 sm
Still life with fish

Fish and cooking utensils.

40x50 sm
Legend of the Dragon

Legend of the Dragon

50x90 sm

70x100 sm
Still life with a violin

Flute, trumpet, violin and clarinet.

80x60 sm

Maslak painted the foyer of the cinema in the city of Kustanai in 1982.

Houses on Vasilievsky

60x70 sm

2 dollars and a horseshoe for luck.

50x40 sm

55x45 sm

70x60 sm
Lady and peacock

The girl after swimming is standing next to the peacock.

50x40 sm
Still life with a jug

50x40 sm
Shore of Qingdao

50x60 sm
Time is money

20x30 sm
The Tower of Babel

All the wonders of the world.

110x120 sm
Trees in Mikhailovskoye

80x80 sm

International exhibitions:
1991 - in the city of Marseille
1994 - in the city of Wiesbaden 1996 - in the Netherlands;
1998 - personal exhibition in Paris.


40x50 sm
Still life with a stuffed falcon

70x100 sm
Bouquet of Peas

40x30 sm
Still life with guns

70x100 sm
Still life with a picture of birds

50x40 sm

70x70 sm
White Rose

84x82 sm

85x65 sm
Dueling Pistols

55x65 sm
Paris. Sen. Night.

60x100 sm

80x60 sm
Church of St. George

50x40 sm

80x70 sm
Balalaika player

80x60 sm
Still life with a doll

50x60 sm

70x100 sm

Since 1984, Maslak teaches painting at the St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. B. Ioganson (formerly the Secondary Art School).

Still life with a pot of coffee

80x60 sm
Academic kindergarten in winter

85x100 sm
Three cards

50x60 sm
Quarantine fence

70x100 sm
On the Fontanka

50x65 sm
Alley in winter

80x60 sm

70x90 sm
Hunting Still Life

60x81 sm

65x40 sm

Currently, Maslak lives and works in St. Petersburg.

On a walk

40x50 sm
Factory Red thread

75x90 sm
Adam and Eve

80x60 sm

Painter-monumentalist and stankovist.Rodilsya April 14, 1958 in the city of Leningrad. In 1970-76 he studied at the Central Art School at the Institute. IE Repin, where he distinguished himself with his artistic and intellectual abilities.

After school he immediately entered the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin to the Faculty of Painting. In 1982 he graduated from the Institute for the Separation of Monumental Painting, the workshop of Professor AA Mylnikov.

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Teaching painting

35 years Alexander teaches at the Academic Art Lyceum . BV Johanson ( former Serov ) .

  • 45 minutes
  • 1500 ₽
  • SPB, Children Str., 17A

For several years of teaching, Alexander Viktorovich, taught me many aspects of painting, drawing and composition.

Nikolay Trophimenkov

, graduate
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